Photon-X, LLC - Integrated Polymer Photonics for Optical Networking Transmission, modulation, amplification


Photon-X Overview

Photon-X, LLC. is a customer driven, technology-based company dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of advanced photonic devices for optical communications, biomedical sensors, RF/millitary applications and other emerging commercial market. The company's products are based on our unique knowledge of nanofabrication technology, high performance/advanced photonic polymers, nanoparticle doping, photonic waveguide device design and manufacturing. The company is dedicated to producing high quality, high reliability products for its customers and to providing world-class customer support. By providing exceptional products for its customers, the company is assured of providing an outstanding environment for its employees and an excellent return for its stockholders.

The company was originally founded in 1999 by late Prof. Anthony F. Garito of Physics Department, University of Pennsylvania (UPENN). Currently a women owned business, Photon-X maintains complete design, fabrication, and test-measurement facilities in Malvern, Pennsylvania, approximately 25 miles west of Philadelphia.

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